Toussaint: The Real Thing 1970-1975 - Toussaint / Life, Love and Faith / Southern Nights (Double CD) RVCD-386

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee ALLEN TOUSSAINT is an undisputed musical legend, the embodiment of multi-layered, textured New Orleans R&B, funk and Southern soul. This collection covers the creative highpoint in his career, combining 3 original and highly regarded albums, on one indispensable Double CD set. Toussaint (recorded for the Specter label, 1970), Life, Love and Faith (Reprise, 1972) and Southern Nights (Reprise, 1975) are essential in understanding this truly influential and much venerated musician, composer and record producer who has sustained a career since the 1950s and is still active today.

All Music described Toussaint as the: “Pianist, producer, and songwriter who almost single-handedly fashioned a fresh, vital New Orleans R&B sound for the 1960s and ’70s.” He has written numerous hits for other artists (Irma Thomas, Ernie K-Doe, Lee Dorsey, Glen Campbell, the Rolling Stones etc). These albums include his own versions of the classic songs ‘From A Whisper To A Scream’, ‘Everything I Do Gonna’ Be Funky’, ‘Southern Nights’, ‘Working In A Coal Mine’, ‘Get Out Of My Life, Woman’ and ‘Basic Lady’. Backing Toussaint are the likes of fellow New Orleans masters Mac ‘Dr John’ Rebennack and The Meters, with backing vocalists Merry Clayton and Venetta Fields also present. With superb audio, 12-page color booklet, detailed notes and bonus tracks - 34 tracks in total.


Toussaint (1970)
1. From A Whisper To A Scream
2. Chokin’ Kind
3. Sweet Touch Of Love
4. What Is Success
5. Working In A Coal Mine
6. Everything I Do Gonna’ Be Funky
7. Pickles
8. Louie
9. Either
10. Cast Your Fate To The Wind
Bonus Tracks
11. Number Nine
12. Poor Folks
Life, Love And Faith (1972)
1. Victims Of The Darkness
2. Am I Expecting Too Much
3. My Baby Is The Real Thing
4. Goin’ Down
5. She Once Belonged To Me
6. Out Of The City (Into Country Life)
7. Soul Sister
8. Fingers And Toes
9. I’ve Got To Convince Myself
10. On Your Way Down
11. Gone Too Far
12. Electricity
Southern Nights (1975)
13. Last Train
14. Worldwide
15. Back In Baby’s Arms
16. Country John
17. Basic Lady
18. Southern Nights
19. You Will Not Lose
20. What Do You Want The Girl To Do?
21. When The Party’s Over
22. Cruel Way To Go Down

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