Storyteller: The Anthology 1960-1983 (Double) RVCD-388

Storyteller: The Anthology 1960-1983 is a definitive, career-defining multi-label overview of country maverick and Grammy Award winner BOBBY BARE. With 51 tracks licensed from 3 labels (RCA, Mercury and Columbia) and over 155 minutes of music this remarkable collection is the perfect compilation. Storyteller: The Anthology 1960-1983 boasts all 12 of his Top 10 Country hits, plus a further 16 Top 20 hits – including ‘Detroit City’, ‘500 Miles Away From Home’, ‘Miller’s Cave’, ‘Four Strong Winds’, ‘A Dear John Letter’ (with Skeeter Davis), ‘The Streets Of Baltimore’, ‘God Bless America Again’, ‘Come Sundown’, ‘Ride Me Down Easy’, ‘Daddy, What If’, ‘Sleep Tight, Good Night Man’, ‘No Memories Hangin’ Round’ (with Rosanne Cash) and the #1 ‘Marie Laveau’. Bare is clearly one of the greats of “Outlaw” country, having scored million-selling hits in the 1960s with the likes of ‘Detroit City’ and ‘500 Miles Away from Home’.

His career defining albums such as Lullabys, Legends & Lies, Down & Dirty and Drunk & Crazy consolidated his rambunctious yet poetic style. By the mid-1970s he was attracting rock audiences as well as country, following a number of freewheeling and rollicking collaborations with the late great songwriter Shel Silverstein. Highlights of the Bare / Silverstein collaborative force include ‘Marie Laveau’, ‘Sylvia’s Mother’, ‘Alimony’, ‘The Winner’, ‘Greasy Grit Gravy’, ‘Red-Neck Hippie Romance’, ‘Tequila Sheila’, ‘Rough On The Living’ and ‘The Jogger’ – all present here. Bare has garnered acclaim from all sections of the music world. In 1977 legendary rock promoter Bill Graham proclaimed Bare to be “the Springsteen of country music”. With superb audio, color booklet, rare photos and detailed liner notes.

1. The All American Boy
2. Shame On Me
3. Detroit City
4. 500 Miles Away From Home
5. Miller’s Cave
6. Four Strong Winds
7. Long Black Limousine
8. Have I Stayed Away Too Long
9. It’s Alright
10. A Dear John Letter – Skeeter Davis & Bobby Bare
11. Together Again – Skeeter Davis & Bobby Bare
12. Times Are Gettin’ Hard
13. The Long Black Veil
14. A Little Bit Later On Down The Line
15. The Streets Of Baltimore
16. The Town That Broke My Heart
17. (Margie’s At) The Lincoln Park Inn
18. When Am I Ever Gonna Settle Down
19. God Bless America Again
20. How I Got To Memphis
21. Come Sundown
22. Please Don’t Tell Me How The Story Ends
23. Help Me Make It Through The Night
24. What Am I Gonna Do
25. The Year That Clayton Delaney Died
26. Ride Me Down Easy
27. Daddy, What If
28. Marie Laveau
29. Dropkick Me, Jesus
1. Sylvia’s Mother
2. The Mermaid
3. Alimony
4. The Winner
5. The Gambler
6. Greasy Grit Gravy
7. Sleep Tight, Good Night Man
8. No Memories Hangin’ Round – Rosanne Cash with Bobby Bare
9. Red-Neck Hippie Romance
10. Numbers
11. Tequila Sheila
12. Some Days Are Diamonds (Some Days Are Stone)
13. Rough On The Living
14. I’ve Never Gone To Bed With An Ugly Woman
15. Song Of The South
16. The World’s Last Truck Drivin’ Man
17. Willie Jones
18. Take Me As I Am (Or Let Me Go)
19. New Cut Road
20. Praise The Lord And Send Me The Money
21. The Jogger
22. Diet Song

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